Plastics Workshop - The Case for Business

The Case for Businesses

Businesses become the center of the issue,  because they are the ones that produce the goods that we carry out in the bags. But, for businesses, it becomes a choice between supporting the more expensive methods of providing non-plastic containers and passing the cost on to the customers, or absorbing the cost in less profit.  

Businesses like Clements' Marketplace are excellent recyclers and stewards of the environment, but if the stores in the communities next door are allowed to use a less expensive alternative, then consumers who only think about their cost are lost in the competitive environment.  All that the businesses want is a level paying field. 

A Fiscal Approach to Curbing Use

Outside of outright bans, some cities and counties have taken a fiscal approach to curbing plastic bag use and waste. City Council members in New York City have proposed the idea of a 10 cent charge for each plastic bag. A similar bill proposed by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was shot down by state lawmakers in 2009.

Should Stores Have a Say in the Matter?

According to consumers, stores should have a say in the matter. Sixty-five percent of Americans oppose plastic bag bans, according to the results of a Reason-Rupe poll released in August.

The majority of those surveyed indicated that individual stores should determine what type of bags should be made available and whether a cost should be associated.

Loss of Revenue Due to Shoplifting Increase

Another financial consideration is that some retailers claim that plastic bag bans — and the increase in the use of reusable bags — have led to an uptick in shoplifting. Twenty-one percent of business owners surveyed in a Seattle Public Utilities survey say they’ve seen an increase in shoplifting since the city banned plastic bags in July 2012. One area grocery owner claims to have lost at least $8,000 in merchandise since the ban was instituted. 

Plastic Bag Bans and Your Business

Small Business Says "No" to Plastic Bag Bans

A Discussion on BOTH Sides of the debate.

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