Plastics Workshop - Why Target Plastic Bags

A Common Question is "Why Target Plastic Bags".   Since single use plastic bags are such a wide spread problem, it is a tangible and visible place to start in making people environmentally conscious that may lead to other environmental friendly habits. 

A Letter from Jamie Rhodes, Program Director or UPSTREAM.

 Why Cities are Recycling Plastic Bags? (Click Here)

Some Other Resources Available on the Web

Earth 911 Provided some perspective at:

The Great Ocean Garbage Patch

Proponents of plastic bag bans often point to the prevalence of plastic bags debris in the oceans. The below is a link to The Great Ocean Garbage Patch.

An Article Talking Both Sides

 The following NY Times article provide information on both sides of the debate.

20 Reasons Why

The follows present 20 reasons why plastic bags should be banned.

10 More Resons

The following presents 10 reasons to ban plastic bags.