Fingerprinting is done on Tuesdays, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Only town residents or persons working in the Town of Portsmouth can have fingerprints done at the Portsmouth Police Department.

If you have any questions regarding fingerprinting, you may contact the Detective Division and 401-683-0994. There is a $40 fee for all fingerprinting services, unless stipulated by Rhode Island General Law.

Individuals seeking a national background check must bring positive proof of ID, such as a valid driver’s license, state-issued ID or passport, as well as the appropriate paperwork to be submitted to the employer or agency. Payment must be a check or cash only. Checks should be made out to "The Town of Portsmouth."

Background Checks

For a background check concerning only a criminal history with the Portsmouth Police Department, please see our records office and file a request. There is a $5 fee for each background check. A check that requires a full criminal background check from all of Rhode Island or from other states, must be done through the Attorney General’s Office,
150 South Main St.
Providence, RI 02903