Comprehensive Community Plan

The Town of Portsmouth's Comprehensive Community Plan is a large document. Please contact us if you have trouble accessing it.

Subsequent Changes to the Comprehensive Community Plan

2004-10-27 A

Final Draft - Comprehensive Community Plan Update

The Town Planner, Planning Board, Citizens Interested in the Comprehensive Community Planning Process Committee, as well as individual town citizens have all worked diligently to bring our town an updated Comprehensive Community Plan.  Following are the final drafts of the twelve elements of the plan. After the holding of public hearings, the plan still needs to be approved by the Planning Board, Town Council and the State of Rhode Island.

Required maps to accompany these draft elements to follow.

Final Draft - Comprehensive Community Plan Update

2016 Proposed Updates to the Comprehensive Community Plan: 

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Comp Plan Schedule as of 11/027/17

Vision for Each Element of the Comprehensive Community Plan

First Element Issued 03/28/16:

Element 7: Services and Facilities

Second Element Issued 04/27/16:

Element 5: Economic Development

Second Element Issued 05/25/16:

Element 5: Economic Development

Third Element:

Element 2: Housing

Fourth Element:

Element X: Transportatio


Fifth Element:

Element X: Historic & Cultural Resources

Seventh Element:

Element X:  Water Supply

Eighth Element:

Element X:  Natural Resources