Comprehensive Community Plan

The Town of Portsmouth's Comprehensive Community Plan is a large document. Please contact us if you have trouble accessing it.

Subsequent Changes to the Comprehensive Community Plan

2004-10-27 A

Final Draft - Comprehensive Community Plan Update

The Planning Department, Planning Board, Citizens Interested in the Comprehensive Community Planning Process Committee, as well as individual town citizens have all worked diligently to bring our town an updated Comprehensive Community Plan.  Following are the final drafts of eleven of the twelve elements of the plan. The fourth element, Housing, will be posted soon.

After holding an additional Planning Board workshop to discuss the full draft plan, the Planning Board will hold official Public Hearings prior to submitting a recommendation to the Town Council regarding adoption of the draft plan.   At the conclusion of the official Planning Board Public Hearings, the draft plan will be submitted to the Division of Statewide Planning for review and comment. Upon addressing any comments or concerns to the State’s satisfaction, the Planning Board will submit the draft plan to the Town Council for the holding of a final set of fully-noticed official Public Hearings leading to adoption. The draft plan is officially adopted when it has been incorporated by reference into the municipal code of ordinances by resolution of the Town Council. The Division of Statewide Planning then conducts a final review and holds a 30-day public comment period prior to their final approval.

Final Draft - Comprehensive Community Plan Update - For July 8, 2020 Planning Board Public Hearing

Final Draft - Comprehensive Community Plan Update

Final Draft - Comprehensive Community Plan Update