Transfer Station & Solid Waste

Portsmouth Transfer Station

Access the Transfer Station facility to see details such as hoursholiday closures and other useful information regarding this town resource. 

Please review and follow Transfer Station Rules to ensure a safe and smooth traffic flow at the Hedly Street Transfer Station.  2021 Hedly Street Transfer Station Rules and Application

All residents are required to display a valid Transfer Station sticker to use either the Hedly Street Transfer Station or the Prudence Island Transfer Station.

How the Transfer Station is Funded

The Transfer Station is run as an "Enterprise Fund," meaning the sale of stickers, net proceeds of PAYT bags, and any recycling rebates and sale of metal are meant to cover all costs of the Transfer Station.  No monies collected from fees, sticker sales, PAYT bag sales, or rebates of any kind go into the town general fund.  Any surplus or deficit in the fund at the end of the year gets carried forward to the same Enterprise Fund.

Application and Rules

Portsmouth Transfer Station Sticker Program 

To find complete information the Transfer Station Sticker Program, please click on the links above for the applicable Transfer Station Sticker Application and Rules.  Each one gives details on cost, documents needed to obtain a sticker, types of materials accepted at the transfer stations, and whether an additional fee is required to dispose of an item.

Should you have further questions, please contact the Department of Public Works at 401-683-0362.

Transfer Station - Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT)

Both the Hedly Street Transfer Station and the Prudence Island Transfer Station have converted to Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) facilities.  Household waste must be disposed of in specially-marked Town-approved bags that you are able to purchase at area stores. The list of area stores can be found at

For additional PAYT information go to:

Please see our Portsmouth Recycles page for recycling and diversion information provided at the Transfer Station and around town.

Recycling Information from RIRRC

Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corp (RIRRC) has a handy A-Z list if you have a specific item you want to look up to see if you should dispose of it in a specific manner.