Take-it-Outside Portsmouth

Portsmouth “Take-it Outside” Program

 The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation (CommerceRI) is encouraging RI to “Take it Outside” in a statewide effort designed to encourage and increase outdoor activities for all Rhode Islanders to reduce the transmission rate of COVID-19.

 Expert agencies such as the World Health Organization believe that the coronavirus may linger in the air in crowded indoor spaces, spreading from one person to the next. A recent Japanese study of 100 cases found that the odds of catching the coronavirus is nearly 20 times higher indoors than outdoors. Outdoor gatherings lower the risk of catching the coronavirus because wind disperses viral droplets and sunlight can kills some of the virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that indoor spaces are more risky than outdoor spaces where it might be harder to keep people apart and there is less ventilation.

Town of Portsmouth “Take-it-Outside” Grant Program

 In addition to the State making State-owned land available for fitness classes, outdoor meetings, recreational activities, and outdoor office spaces equipped with WiFi internet, the program is providing grants that has awarded the Town of Portsmouth up to $51,000 for eligible expenses associated with the expansion of businesses to outdoor, public spaces—such as closed streets, sidewalks, and parking lots—in an effort to reduce the transmission rate of COVID-19 while increasing economic activity. Additional information on the “Take it-Outside” initiative can be found at www.takeitoutsideri.com.


Eligible Expenses may include the cost affiliated with purchasing, obtaining, delivering, installing, or otherwise enabling the use of the following between September 18, 2020 and December 18, 2020: chairs, tables, heat lamps, tents, outdoor WiFi systems, masks, hand sanitizer, staffing, security, insurance costs related to specific outdoor activities, lighting, power sources, relevant signage, bike racks, and other costs affiliated with purchasing or obtaining good or services that, in CommerceRI’s sole discretion, were necessary to increase the proposer’s outdoor opportunities.

The Town is accepting proposals now.

Portsmouth “Take-it-Outside” Request for Proposals 

Portsmouth “Take-it-Outside” Request for Proposals

Those Town businesses and organization who have innovative ideas on how to "Take-it-Outside" and desire to receive grant reimbursements must submit a request to the Town. Eligible entities are duly registered Town businesses, non-profits and Town organization (Departments of Committees)     

Download the FULL Request for Proposals (PDF)

Download a Proposal Application Template (MS-WORD)

See detailed proposal requirement in the Full Proposal

Submission Deadlines

First Round Submission

The deadline for First Round Proposals was Thursday November 5, 2020 and submissions are under evaluation. .  

Rolling Proposal Submission

After the First Round, additional proposals will be accepted for evaluation until not later than 2:00 PM EST Monday November 30, 2020 or until all grant funds are exhausted. If not awarded, proposals submitted during the first round will be automatically considered.  E-mail to rtalipsky@portsmouthri.com or hand deliver on CD-ROM, or DVD-ROM to Richard Talipsky, Director of Business Development, Portsmouth Town Hall, 2200 East Main Rd. Portsmouth RI 02871.

Proposal questions should be directed to the contact point below.

For More information contact:

Rich Talipsky, Portsmouth Director of Business Development

rtalipsky@Portsmouthri.com  401-643-0382