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Town Resolution (June 22, 2020)

The Portsmouth Town Council passed a resolution that authorized the Town Administrator to research and Develop a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Program to pursue programs that offer an opportunity to lower electrical energy costs to individual consumers and allow for selection of renewable sources for electrical energy pursuant to authority provided in Rhode Island General Law Section 39-3-1.2.

The resolution further directs that the town review and consider the program being pursued by other RI municipalities to pursue the potential of increasing the collective bulk purchasing power.

Consultant Agreement with Good Energy

Portsmouth has entered into an agreement with a consultant (Good Energy) assist the Town in the preparation of a CCA Program including the following issues.  (Click Here for details of the Agreement) 

Portsmouth Community Aggregation Plan

On July 27, 2020, the Portsmouth Town Council Reviewed the proposed Portsmouth Community Aggregation Plan.

Public Hearing Conducted  August 11, 2020

A Public Hearing was held on August 11, 2020 which allowed the the plan will be sent to the RI Public Utilities Commission (PUC) for review. Due to COVID the plan review by the PUC was delayed.

Plan Overview 

Click here for a Portsmouth Community Aggregation Plan Overview

Download the Entire Plan

Click Here to download the entire Portsmouth Community Aggregation Plan June 2021 .

Expected Schedule

Due to the COVID Pandemic, review of the plan by the PUC has been delayed.  During the last few months some other municipalities' plans have undergone PUC review. Portsmouth is in the process of reviewing those PUC findings and make appropriate changes to the plan before submission.  The plan will be re-presented to the Town Council (expected in June 2021) before GoodEnergy proceeds to petition the PUC.   60-90 days for review by the PUC is anticipated.

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