Business Development


Knowing the Landscape and the Players

Please see the pamphlet entitled Doing Business in Portsmouth, An Informal User's Guide, that gives important information including key offices and phone numbers that you may need to know and interact with.

The Business Development Director

The Town Director of Business Development (DBD) is the central point of contact for information on conducting business in Portsmouth. The DBD works directly with the town staff on the Portsmouth Economic Development Committee on ensuring that we maintain, for our citizens, an affordable community, that can flex to changing economic times while maintaining a high community quality.

Enterprise Zone Program

The Town of Portsmouth has a director of business development, Rich Talipsky, who assists in implementing policy set forth by the Town Council to encourage business growth and retention. Mr. Talipsky serves as the town's contact and administrator for the Enterprise Zone Program.

Available Business Properties

Mr. Talipsky also assists local business by maintaining a list of commercial and industrial locations available for sale or lease in Portsmouth.

Benefits Offered by Portsmouth

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Additional Resources

See the following business assistance tools: 
Access the following taxation resources: