Canvassing - Voter Registration


Mission Statement

The Portsmouth Canvassing Authority is responsible for conducting all elections in the Town of Portsmouth. Under the direction of the State Board of Elections and in cooperation with the Secretary of State, the authority is involved in all phases of the electoral process, from voter registration to tallying the votes after the polls close on Election Day.

There are approximately 14,343 registered voters in the Town of Portsmouth.

Portsmouth Board of Canvassers

The Board of Canvassers is comprised of three bipartisan members who are appointed for 6-year terms by the Town Council and the Registrar of Voters is appointed by the Board of Canvassers.

See the members serving on the Board of Canvassers.

Precinct Map

See a map displaying precinct numbers and poll locations.

Poll Locations

These locations are open for all Statewide General and Primary Elections. Precincts may be combined for the Presidential Preference Primary and Special Elections.
  • 2701 - Hope Brown Center at Farnham Farm, Prudence Island
  • 2702 - Portsmouth Multi-Purpose Senior Center
  • 2703 - Common Fence Point Community Hall--Due to scheduled construction, all 2018 elections for Precinct 2703 will be held at Roger Williams University Baypoint Inn, 144 Anthony Road
  • 2704 - Portsmouth High School - Old Gymnasium
  • 2705 - Melville School Cafeteria
  • 2706 - Portsmouth Town Council Chambers
  • 2707 - St. Barnabas Church Parish Hall
  • 2708 - Portsmouth Middle School Gymnasium
  • 2710 - President/Vice-President Only - Portsmouth Town Hall 2nd Floor
If you have any questions about whether you are registered or where you are registered to vote, please call us at 401-683-3157 for more information.