Comprehensive Community Plan

The Town of Portsmouth's Comprehensive Community Plan is a large document. Please contact us if you have trouble accessing it.

Subsequent Changes to the Comprehensive Community Plan

2004-10-27 A

2016 Proposed Updates to the Comprehensive Community Plan: 

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Comp Plan Schedule as of 11/027/17

Vision for Each Element of the Comprehensive Community Plan

First Element Issued 03/28/16:

Element 7: Services and Facilities

Second Element Issued 04/27/16:

Element 5: Economic Development

Second Element Issued 05/25/16:

Element 5: Economic Development

Third Element:

Element 2: Housing

Fourth Element:

Element X: Transportatio


Fifth Element:

Element X: Historic & Cultural Resources

Seventh Element:

Element X:  Water Supply

Eighth Element:

Element X:  Natural Resources