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Portsmouth Recycles

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Welcome to Portsmouth Recycles, our campaign to boost recycling rates in Portsmouth. By doing a better job recycling our cans, bottles, plastic containers, paper and cardboard, we can control the costs of running our Transfer Station and hold down the cost of resident Transfer Station stickers.

Thank you to every resident who is recycling. In November of 2016 our recycling rate was at 15.2%. On December 12, 2016 Portsmouth initiated "Single Stream" recycling and the recycling rate rose to 20.2%. in January it rose again to 24.9%. Keep up the good work Portsmouth!  We NEED to continue our efforts towards improving this rate!

Through efficient and responsible stewardship, we can turn what might otherwise end up as waste into profit. In Fiscal Year 2017, Portsmouth could receive a prorated share of any money made by aggregating and selling recycled materials by the RI Resource Recovery Corporation (RIRRC) at the State's Central Landfill. These funds may help offset some of the costs of running our Town's Transfer Stations. The less money we get back for recycled materials, the more we will have to charge for Transfer Station stickers next year.

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