Portsmouth Recycles!

Portsmouth Recycles!
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Welcome to Portsmouth Recycles, our campaign to boost recycling rates in Portsmouth. By doing a better job recycling our cans, bottles, plastic containers, paper and cardboard, we can help to better control the costs of running our Transfer Station and hold down the cost of resident Transfer Station stickers.

Thank you to every resident for their continuing efforts at recycling. The results are in for the 2017 fiscal year and Portsmouth’s recycling rate finished at only 20%. The minimum rate for any recycling rebate is set at 25%. The recycling numbers for April (23.4%) and May (24.2%) 2017 were among the highest in a year, however, the 464 tons of solid waste that was delivered to the Johnston Land Fill in June 2017 was also the highest amount in a year. The reason for this increase in solid waste is not exactly clear, however, the additional use of the Transfer Station by seasonal residents may have been a contributing factor as well as continued abuse by those who do not recycle. We want to thank everyone who continues to recycle and to remind others that recycling in Rhode Island is mandatory.

Portsmouth residents are being asked to participate in a Town survey regarding the future of waste management in their Town. Information regarding this survey can be found on the Town web site (link to online survey is here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SolidWaste2017) and copies of the survey are available at Clements’ Market; the Portsmouth Senior Center; the Portsmouth Free Public Library and Portsmouth Town Hall. The local PEG TV station is currently airing an interview with Portsmouth’s Recycling Coordinator that discusses the reasons for the survey. The survey presents four waste collection options that are currently under consideration. Responses to the survey must be completed no later than July 21.  Please take a moment to complete this survey. 

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