​Sandy Point Beach

This shallow, natural beach is located on the Sakonnet River at the end of Sandy Point Avenue and is great for families. The beach is free to town residents with either a current transfer station sticker or a free sticker provided upon proof of residency (car registration with your name and Portsmouth address) by the Town Clerk's Office, 401-683-2101 (available mid-May). Sandy Point Beach is equipped with changing rooms and restroom facilities during the swimming season, and picnic tables. Dogs are not allowed on the beach (see below).

Sandy Point Beach - 2

Lifeguard Schedules

In 2018 , the beach will be staffed with lifeguards on weekends only (and facilities open) from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. beginning Memorial Day weekend, May 26-28. The summer season kicks off on June 25th when lifeguards will be at the beach daily from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Admission Fees

Cost of admission for nonresidents is $10 Monday through Thursday and $15 Friday through Sunday. The Town Clerk's office and the gate offer books of four for $35 and accept cash only. The gate will charge admission to the beach through 4:15 pm each day.

Swimming  and Sailing Lessons and Summer Camp!

Sandy Point Beach, in conjunction with our Recreation Department, is proud to offer youth Swimming Lessons, Sailing Lessons, and a Sandy Point Beach Camp experience this summer! Registration is easy with PayPal!  Register your child this year on our Recreation Department home page!


Sandy Point Beach has changing rooms, warm showers, and ample parking spaces. In addition, there is a small concession stand.

McCorrie Point Beach

Located at the end of McCorrie Lane, this Town of Portsmouth owned beach has no facilities, no lifeguards, is not water tested and has no parking facilities.  As with all town-owned properties, all town ordinances apply to this property.


Are Dogs Allowed on Town Beaches?

  Except for Service Dogs - the answer is "No
Section 101-7 of the Code of the Town of Portsmouth says that dogs, with the exception of service dogs, shall not be allowed on the premises of any store or public eating place in the Town of Portsmouth and shall not be allowed on any Town-operated beach. Any owner shall not allow his dog, with the exception of services dogs, to be upon the premises of any store, public eating place or Town-operated beach.  Portsmouth does, however, have a very nice Dog Park!  Please bring your dog and visit!

Also all town ordinances apply to this all Town Beaches,  parks and Recreational Facilities.


Other Ordinances Applicable to All Town-Owned Property:

No Smoking on Town of Portsmouth Property

Passed by Council action on January 11, 2016, Ordinance #2016-01-11A ".states:
"Be it ORDAINED by the Town Council of the Town of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, that Chapter 364 of the Portsmouth Code of Ordinances is hereby amended as follows:
364- 1. Definitions.
The following words and terms shall have the following meanings:
BEACH, PARK, ATHLETIC OR RECREATIONAL FACILITIES OWNED BY THE TOWN OF PORTSMOUTH — Any beach, park, athletic or recreational facility, including, but not limited to, any playing field, ball field, basketball court, tennis court, or playground, which is owned or operated by the Town of Portsmouth, together with any area within 100 feet thereof owned by the Town.
364- 2. Use of tobacco products prohibited.
Smoking and other uses of tobacco products are hereby prohibited at any beach, park, athletic or recreational facility owned by the Town of Portsmouth.
364- 3. Violations and penalties.
Any person violating this chapter may be ejected from the beach, park, athletic or recreational facilities owned by the Town and/or may be fined not more than $ 100, which sum shall be collected for the use of the Town."

Is Alcohol Allowed on Town of Portsmouth Property Such as the Beach or Public Park?  Except for the Melville Campground, the answer is "No". 


Amended 11-6-1995 by Ord. No. 95-11-6A
It shall be unlawful for any person to consume any alcoholic beverage, or to have in his or her possession any open container thereof, in any public park or beach, excluding municipal campgrounds, at any time, except at functions duly authorized by the Town Council of the Town of Portsmouth.

 State Beach

Teddy's Beach is located on Park Avenue in Island Park at Stone Bridge. This beach is owned by the State of Rhode Island. It is not staffed by lifeguards and no restroom facilities are available. The water is not tested or monitored by the town. It is a carry-in / carry-out facility (trash).

Other Water Activities ( including Boating and Fishing)

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